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Buddhist monks herbal tea-original recipe

tisana   monaci   buddisti   infusi   meditazione   ayurveda   kyani  


100 gr (for a 1 month supply)
100% natural-CRAFTSMANSHIP

The herbal tea has always had the function of burning fat and toxins and keep the body fit, full of energy and ready to physical stress.

The first signs in this tea are on the writings of the 11th century, referred to as ' the precious drink ', but it is certain that he knew right from the beginning of time use. Disclosure is quite recent and limited to the Central and southern Asia, this is certainly due to the reclusive life that the monks led until very recently and to a lesser extent continue to play. Also Buddhist monks, learn the use and preparation of herbal tea only during their period of teaching, which takes place in monasteries, located far from population centers. Are jealous of their secrets and are not used to disseminate their knowledge.
What is certain, in recent times, all Eastern heads of State, on which there is a substantial literature, are used to take a long time to rest in some monasteries located in central China, where for a short time following the lifestyle of monks and even eating habits, drinking their tea very frequently.
The effects stated are: detoxify your body of impurities, burn fat, provide nutrients essential to continue daily, energizing effect. It is known that the Buddhist monks, beyond prayer spend many hours doing physical activity, working, doing martial arts, where do they get these energies during their periods of fasting? Drink daily the herbal tea to soothe your body, keep it in shape and activity, which for them has a strong religious significance which temple of their spirit. The tea has a very pleasant taste and slightly sugary, which makes it very pleasant. The ingredients in addition to having a mix of unique properties, provide the body with a set of vitamins, antioxidants, highly nourishing and regenerating.

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