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Red Clay-Ghassoul


Red Clay-Ghassoul

-100% natural 500 G bag.

It is a clay that is used especially in medicine for its ability to absorb stomach ulcers, colitis and gastritis. Is also used for medicinal baths, skin problems and also is an excellent tonic.  All types of clay can be applied in many different ways, indoors or outdoors but it is essential that neither metal nor plastics come into contact with the substance.

We can prepare the clay in a natural way, or mixing it with oils, teas or tinctures. According to the use that we need to do.  In wounds and burns can be placed directly once prepared with water if it comes to fractures and sprains, we can also mix it in an infusion of arnica.

For cellulite can do compresses on areas to be treated, by mixing the clay with an infusion of birch or gotu Kola. In cases of fever, we can make poultices to be applied on the abdomen and replacing them every time they will warm up, tend to absorb heat.

Stir the mixture with hot water, so that the dough is very dense. Apply on face and neck except for eyes and lips. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water and dry gently.

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White Clay mask

-100% natural 500 G bag. Clay is a substance used by man since the dawn of civilization. But one of the great discoveries has nothing to do with clay to create furnishings, but with its use in the fields of health and wellness. The herbal medicine, to that effect, has opened up a world, because the clay is used mainly for its absorbent properties, antiseptic, purifying. In the wild, according to the oxidation state of iron, one of the chemical elements of which it is made, the clay can appear in different colors so there's the red one, which is certainly the best known, Green Clay and finally the white clay, a powerful natural remedy. The white clay is formed largely from aluminium and Silicon. In addition to a large number of cosmetic uses, the white clay is one of the natural remedies Prince against the bloating. As well as Green Clay, white clay can be taken for outdoor or indoor use. In the first case, serves above all to create beauty masks, cleansing of the skin and is used for hair. But it can also help to combat dehydration and cracking. Internal use of clay in particular as a bactericide, because expels toxins, is a gastric protector, protects the mucous membranes and also has anti-inflammatory value. Here's how to prepare it. White clay: internal use The white clay for internal use should be prepared in the evening to drink the next morning. In a glass full of water must be dissolved a teaspoon of white clay and mixed it all up. The spoon should not be made of metal or plastic, well if you have one of those glass ornaments for the amalgamation of the cocktails, otherwise it is better to use a finger, clean of course. In the morning you have to drink the mixture left to rest throughout the night: you can drink only water or even the filing of clay that was formed with the hours. If you suffer from heartburn the mixture should be drunk all at once and not prepared at night for the next day. White clay: external use In a glass jug, white clay must be mixed with water and essential oils to your liking. Everything should be blended to creamy not too soft or watery.  You put the mixture on the affected area – skin, hair and so on – and we leave for a time that varies from half an hour to a few hours, depending on the problem you are trying to solve. Better to cover the wrap with plastic wrap. At the end of treatment rinse with plenty of water and in some cases remove debris very durable with olive oil. Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Stir the mixture with hot water, so that the dough is very dense. Apply on face and neck except for eyes and lips. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water and dry gently.