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Pillow with sea salt and spelt


100% natural-CRAFTSMANSHIP
Therapeutic pillow of cotton containing coarse sea salt and spelt seeds.

Natural remedy in case of ear infections, muscle spasms, back pain and joint pain. You will have for immediate relief, thanks to the beneficial effect of heat and moisture to the action of the salt and millet. Salt and millet, maintain temperature and can be useful for other aches, rheumatism, stiff neck; the pillow can be placed on the chest to calm coughs or to relieve an earache in all cases requiring a warm compress. It can also be used to cool, when you should cool down a sore body part for a sprain, bruise, sprain or swelling.

Joint and muscle pain, back pain. As a sedative in cases of otitis and contractures.

Heat the pillow in the oven at 50-60° C for a short time. Apply the warm cushion on the sore and leave for about 20 minutes.

It is absolutely contraindicated in cases of acute rheumatic disease or acute gout.

All the pillows of salt can be used hot or cold:

Hot: give an immediate and lasting benefit for colds, toothaches, earaches, twitching, cervical, back contractions, joint pain, and in all those cases where it is recommended the application of warm compresses.

Cold: they are a very effective remedy in case of swelling, sprains, inflammation, headache, bruises, swelling, sprains and in General when you need to cool a specific zone area of the body.

Its use is really simple and straightforward: to warm it up you just have to put the pillow (without cover) in the oven at 60° C or simply place it on a heater, up to warm it up completely. Then store it in its outer cover and leave it leaning in the affected body area for 15-20 minutes. The same goes for the cold, but hanging up the pillow in the freezer, with the only precaution to close it well in a plastic bag so that the salt does not absorb water and turn into a single block. Once cooled, remove the plastic bag and put the pillow.